Quotes from the Burlington Hawkeye review by Bob Saar.


"Bells" incorporated a beefed-up brass section, but it was the massive percussion arsenal---it overflowed onto the runway in  front of the stage---that gave some patrons pause as they sought seats.------Indeed, a full drum kit, three glockenspiels, a brass gong, two sets of tubular bells, a marching band bass drum, several tambourines, a vibraphone, and a harp, a celesta and a car's brake drum, two hanging beams of construction steel and a full octave of 12 crotales pumped the percussion gang to Schwarzeneggerian size.

The third movement, however, was scary.  Nerve-wracking for some. Like a muscle-bound Venice Beach weightlifter on a crazed steroid breakdown.

You could see the flames, hear the sirens, the screams, the panic the agony.  It was ...alarming.  Two small boys ran from the auditorium.