guide to the symphony

For many people, attending your first symphony concert might seem a little nerve-wracking.
Therefore, we've created a short guide to help soothe any pre-concert woes you might have. 


What do I wear?

Just because the musicians on stage are wearing tuxedos doesn't mean that you need to (trust us, they get hot and uncomfortable). Some people enjoy dressing up for the occasional symphony concert -- but there is no dress code! No one will judge you on your attire. The important thing is that you dress comfortably so that you can really focus on and enjoy the music. Nothing can be more distracting than a shirt that is too tight or a dress that is itchy! 


When do i clap?

Traditionally, applause occurs a few times during the concert.

  1. When the Concertmaster (first chair violinist) enters the stage.
  2. When the conductor enters the stage. 
  3. After the completion of a piece. Sometimes, these pieces will have multiple movements, which will be listed in your program. While it is customary to wait to clap after movements, we won't be upset if you feel compelled to applaude -- movements themselves can be as exciting as entire pieces!

Applause doesn't have to mean just clapping - you can cheer, hug your neighbor, even do a little dance! The best way to share your appreciation for the musicians however is by standing up -- this is called the standing ovation and is reserved for times that you feel so inspired or moved, you need to stand from your seat and cheer! Many people will also yell "Bravo!".


can i eat during the concert?

We don't recommend eating food or consuming drinks during concerts. You'd be amazed how much noise a candy bar wrapper or popcorn can make, especially during the soft parts of the music! Be mindful of your fellow concert goers and eat any snacks during intermission.


What about my kids? i don't think they'll sit still during a concert.

We've found that children can be some of the most attentive audience members during a concert, especially when they sit close to the stage. The sound and the visuals can be very exciting! 

If you do bring an infant to a concert and they begin to cry, it's okay to take them outside the auditorium to calm them down. The musicians and audience will appreciate it! When you're ready to return to your seat, please wait until the end of the piece as not to disturb others from their enjoyment of the concert. 



We encourage anyone who might want to get more out of their concert experience to listen to the music in different ways. Try closing your eyes and focusing on one instrument or sound in particular. Try listening for the lower parts that you don't always hear. You'll be amazed at how focusing on one part can really showcase the complexity of what happens in a piece of music.


more questions?

Feel free to message us on our Facebook Page and we'll be happy to answer any other questions you might have!